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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 7 ---
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The Good Doctor 7

When I sit and think about it, my mom and dad seem way too different to be together.
My dad’s last name, obviously, is Cortland. It’s English but there’s some Irish in there too. My mom’s maiden name is Corsini. You don’t get more Italian than that.

I ended up getting all the Italian features, dark almost black hair, Mediterranean skin coloring, totally Italian. The exception to that is my personality, it’s kinda half and half. The only way that my dad could stay married to my mother is to have a sense of humor and that I inherited from him. My mom………well I hate to say that she has no sense of humor but if its there it’s well hidden. Mom takes life VERY seriously.

The thing is that my mom takes up so much of the available spotlight that sometimes my dad just seems to disappear and believe me, my dad is no shrinking violet. If I told my mom that she wouldn’t know what the hell I was talking about which should give you a clue as to how her mind works. My dad on the other hand would understand it instantly. My mom just sees her family. My dad sees that too but he also understands how that fits in with the global picture.

My dad’s health is kinda iffy. Some old warehouse injuries have kind of teamed up with arthritis to make it difficult for him to get around. I mean he can still walk and all it’s just that it’s no longer an easy natural thing. That’s why he basically gave me the business, he still gets half of the profits but I didn’t have to put up a dime. But back to the whole spotlight thing. With mom around it’s easy to forget about dad because she’s always so in your face. When my mom told me to call dad I knew that it wasn’t about the business, I guess probably she did too; it was about a man wanting to spend time with his son. I can’t imagine that there would ever come a day when I wouldn’t want to be with Jase and I’m figuring that that’s how my dad feels too. So I thought that I’d arrange a father, son, grandson thing and what better place to do that than a sporting goods store.

Our town is blessed with one of those Super Colossal Sporting Goods Metroplexes. Well, you know what I mean. They’ve got everything in there except maybe their own ocean. They do have a twenty thousand gallon artificial trout stream and a restaurant surrounded by an artificial lake………..and that’s all INSIDE!

There are dangers in this trip. I gotta keep Jase away from the gun department and anything having to do with bears and believe me, there’s lots of stuff in there having something to do with bears. I also have to keep my wild-eyed sugar hyped son from taking off on his own and getting separated from his slow moving grandfather and his dimwitted dad. And all of this has to be done while making sure my dad gets his father and son time.

There’s something vaguely unnerving about a store that’s basically filled with people in camouflage clothing.

I drop Dad and Jase off at the entrance with the intention of leaving them there for the moment while I park the car.

“Jason! Take you grandpa’s hand and stay right there.” Meaning, of course, that I don’t want either one of them wandering off. My dad is just as likely to take Jase and go get a soft drink without realizing he’s got to let his son know where he’s going. My dad has got a cane! Where the hell did that come from? I remember him holding me, telling me not to cry over whatever I had been crying over, that everything was going to be okay, that he was going to see to it, and now he needs a cane.

Ostensibly this trip is to buy Jase a fishing pole. Well actually more like some kind of simplified, impossible to fuckup, spinning rod and reel. I wonder if Pete fishes. Maybe I should get him one too. My mind flashes back to our goodbye kiss this morning and Pete pulling my shirt out of my pants so that he could run his warm hands up my naked back. Oh fuck! I’m getting a hardon! Wrong place, wrong time!

I park the car and run back to the front of the store, my now semi-hard cock bouncing up and down in my boxer shorts. I imagine Jase breaking free of my dads grip and running mindlessly into traffic.

Jase is trying to pull my dad toward the store but dad is too heavy to be budged and he just smiles at Jase’s exuberance. “Come on, Grandpa! I wanna see the rifles!”

I come running up. “What rifles?”

My dad laughs. “Jason wants to see the guns.” He looks at me over his glasses. “Just, as I recall, like you did.”

“Dad, it’s the whole bear thing! He scares himself silly”

My dad turns and looks down at Jason. “You like bears? I love em! They got a big stuffed one here!” He’s pointing at the building with his cane. “Come on I’ll show you.” Oh fuck! Jase looks like a little boy who’s gotten his first look at a roller coaster. How the hell did I lose control so quickly?

Jase is staring up at a ten-foot high stuffed Alaskan Brown bear. He whispers, “Oh wow!” He’s practically stunned. My dad is explaining how with just one of those paws and presumably the other one tied behind his back this creature could have degutted Jase with one swipe.

Jase is torn between his desire to get closer to his nemesis and actually feel his fur, or running and hiding. The compromise involves him inching ever closer to the beast while keeping a death-grip on my hand. The unknown in this equation is my dad who has been known to scare the crap out of little kids……… me, by coming out with these unholy bear sounds and holding his hands up above his head his fingers looking like bear claws. Okay! So this whole bear thing goes back a long way!

So just as Jase is slowly reaching out his hand to touch this monster my dad lets out with this blood curdling bear sound, or at least what’s suppose to be a bear sound because who the fuck really knows. Well maybe a forest ranger someplace. Jase would, by now, be outside hiding under the car if I didn’t have a strong grip on his hand. As it is he practically climbs me like a tree where he glares at my dad from the relative safety of my arms. “Grandpa, you scared me!!! You’re not supposed to do that!!”

My dad is laughing his ass off. Finally shaking his head and still laughing as he starts to hobble away he says. “You guys are so easy! Come on let’s find those fishing poles.”

Why did I suggest this trip?


As we walk into the kitchen with our new fishing gear my mom is putting the finishing touches on dinner. Well, Jase’s, anyway.

Jase bolts for the family room and the television but my mom stops him. “Sweetheart, come here. Let me look at you.” Mom kisses him and asks about the trip to the sporting goods store.

“Did you have a good time?” Oh he had a wonderful time if you like having the crap scared outta you.

“Grandpa tried to scare me!”

She glares at ME! What the fuck did I do?

“Eric! Why didn’t you stop him?”

“Mom! Stop him? Stop him? It’s not like he gives you any notice. He just comes out with these blood-curdling sounds. Anyway, he did it at just the wrong moment.”

The palms of her hands are on the counter and she’s leaning heavily on them. She nods her head. “The bear?”

I nod. “Just as Jase was about to touch it.”

She shakes her head. “What can I say? His mother was crazy too.” She starts putting together Jase’s dinner. “Oh, Jane called. She says that you’re gonna have to fire the new girl.” The “new girl” has been there for a year.

“Jane’s a psycho! If she had her way she’d be the only employee.”

“She was after your father!” She dismisses what she’s just said with a wave of her hand. “That was years ago.”

I’m surprised she knew. “You mean that you knew that?”

“Of course! You think I’m stupid?” She starts waving that big ass spoon again. “I told him that if he got any ideas he better put em outta his mind. He never touched her but she was crazy about him. Maybe now she’s just crazy.”

She’s dishing out Jase’s dinner but glances over at me. “Where’s your new clothes? You still look like a bum.”

I hike up my jeans because they have a way of riding kinda low. “Tailoring! They had to be taken in.”

“I made a plate for you and him. They’re in the frig.” She’s shaking her finger at me slowly. “Don’t put em in that microwave for ten minutes! You always do that!” I do not!! “A minute, maybe ninety seconds tops. You put em in for ten minutes and you might as well throw my veal away!” She’s shaking her head, certain in her own mind, that I’m gonna fuck up the veal.

Finally she leaves! Jase is eating his dinner at the coffee table in the family room while he watches television. He’s kneeling on the floor while he eats and I climb behind him and sit on the floor with my legs on either side of him. I put my arms lightly around him and feel his body working, food being swallowed, heart beating, lungs rising and falling. He basically ignores me. He’s used to being touched and pushed and prodded and washed and dressed. I put my face next to his for just a second, loving him. He heals me.

He holds up his fork with some meat on it. “Want a bite, Dad?”

“No, I’m fine, Kiddo. Why don’t you eat it?” He’s so skinny!

“Dad?” He turns his head and looks up at me. “Was that bear a real bear?”

“Not anymore, Jase, he’s a dead bear.”

“But there’s more bears, like in the woods.” Oh, Jase!

“Jase, those bears are all far far away. They live in Alaska.”

“But they could come here. I seen em on television, they can run really fast.” Well, that’s true.

He’s playing with his foot and his voice is soft, quiet. “Did mom like me?” Where on earth is this coming from and where are the landmines?

I pull him back tight against me and put my face close to his. “Your mom loved you. She loved you more than anything.”

He smiles. “Did you love mom?”

“I sure did.”

“Do you love Pete?” Don’t panic!! This is a little boy question!

“I sure do, don’t you?”

Jase nods vigorously. “Yeah, he’s nice.” Whew!


“Tell me honestly. How long would you microwave these?” I’m holding two plates of mom’s veal and pasta.

Pete bends forward and smells the plates of food. “God! They smell fantastic!”

“Mom made em. It’s kinda her thing, cooking keeps her…………….well……….at bay. Some of us think that she might try the overthrow of the government if she didn’t stay occupied.”

“Well how long?”

He tilts his head. “I dunno. A minute, minute and a half?” She probably called him.

I pour the wine and dish out salads. Jase comes tearing into the kitchen and throws himself at Pete who scoops him up on the fly. He leans against the counter with Jase in his arms.

“My dad loves you! He told me so!” Well so much for private father/son conversations! Okay, that kid is going to a military academy as soon as he’s old enough, a really strict one!

Why do I find this embarrassing? Pete knows that I love him. I’ve told him that I love him. But he handles this blindsiding well.

“I know he does but what about you? Don’t you like me?” He turned that into a much more easily answered question. Not bad!

Jase reaches out and touches the side of Pete’s chin. “Yeah, I like you!” How could anyone NOT like him, especially now when he’s a little tired and there’s a little bit of stubble on his face and those brilliant blue eyes have gotten a slightly hooded look and the top button of his shirt is open and there’s a little bit of hair showing. Stop getting hard!!! This is dinner!!! And hike your pants up!


“ God I wanna fuck you!” He takes my face in his hands and kisses me. His thumbs are rubbing my temples and I close my eyes and zone out, just flowing with the movement of Pete’s thumbs. He’s leaning up against the headboard and I’m straddling his lap facing him. His rock hard cock is pressed against his stomach.

I kiss him lightly. “Rough day?”

He smiles. “Just the usual doctor stuff. Sick patients. Old patients. Just life.”

Something that I’ve been wondering about. “It must be frustrating when you loose a patient. When they die.”

Pete cocks his head to one side. “Yeah. But death isn’t always an enemy. Sometimes it’s the best solution, sometimes the only one.”

He pulls my face to him and kisses me deeply. “I can’t talk about that stuff when your butt is sitting on my cock. Besides, when I get to come home to you that stuff kinda melts away.” Home………….to me!

I start to slowly thrust my hips forward just slightly. His cock gets even bigger and he drops his head back against the headboard. I lean forward and run my fingers through his chest hair. He lifts his head up and smiles at me.

“You like that?”

“Your chest hair? I love it!” I lay completely forward resting my face in his chest hair.

I mumble into his chest. “I love it when I wake up and you’re like wrapped around me and I can feel your chest hair against my back.”

While I’m lying on his chest, Pete lubes a finger and starts playing with my butt. I want this soooo bad! After he gets two fingers in I’m totally ready and he positions his cock and I sit up and lower myself slowly down onto it. It feels totally different than anything else. On one hand it’s like you’re thinking that the guy doing the fucking is like in charge but at the same time it’s the other way around. There’s the pressure and sometimes the pain of being penetrated by this huge cock and yet this indescribably completed feeling. I know how badly Pete wants my ass and that in itself makes me crazy horny not even mentioning the whole friction against the prostate thing.

I love it when we kiss constantly while we fuck. It’s so total, so intense and we’re so in touch with what we’re both experiencing, or like when my forehead is pressed to his and I can feel his breath on my face as he fucks me, actually feel the labor behind it.

We fuck for a half an hour, over and over again delaying our orgasms until it’s just no longer possible. I shoot on Pete’s chest and this time he shoots up my ass. A first for us.

Not surprisingly the next morning there are three people in my bed. Jase has somehow crawled into bed with us and is now lying perfectly still but completely awake between us. If he thinks that it’s odd that Pete has been sleeping with me every night for about a week he doesn’t say so or even seem to notice.

Jase turns his head to look at me when I open my eyes but he doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t have to.

I run my fingers through his downy hair and cup the back of his head with my hand. “You okay?” He nods yes. I run my hand down to his back and pull him to me. “Come on up here.” Jase lays his head on my chest and I wrap my arm around him. I kiss the top of his head and we both fall back asleep.

An hour later I wake up again and this time Pete is lying in bed with his head propped on his hand watching us. When I turn my head to him he smiles. God I love him!

He mouths the word “Bears?”

I whisper. “Yep.”

He reaches forward and lightly touches Jase’s head. “I let him in about five o’clock.”

He touches my fingers and I wrap them around his. “We gotta remember to unlock the door.”


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