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The Good Doctor
--- Chapter 8 ---
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The Good Doctor 8

Jase is getting dressed in front of the television, or at least he was, now he’s sitting on the sofa with one pant leg on and one off while he stares at the screen.

“Jason!” He leans slightly in the direction of my voice.

Pete pulls me back into the bedroom and backs me up against the door, his forehead touching mine as he kisses me lightly again and again. Why do either one of us have to work? Why can’t we just stay home in bed forever?

“Eric, I gotta go.” His eyes are soooo blue and the irises have a darker ring around them. It makes his eyes pop. He can just nail me with those eyes. He smells like soap and……….well……….like him. I feel like a spoiled brat who’s having his favorite toy taken away from him. “I gotta stop at the hospital and see how Mrs. Haley is doing.”

I bury my face in his neck and mumble into his shirt. “She’s fine! She strong as an ox!” I was gonna mention how the woman can put away food at the “all the chicken you can eat” night at the VFW but I figure Pete might think I was being mean and I actually care what he thinks so I choke it back.

He holds my face in his hands and kisses me deeply, his tongue and mine lingering together. God, he tastes good. I wrap my arms around him.

He smiles at me and speaks softly. “She’s not fine. It was major surgery. Surgery that I urged her to have.” He’s so gentle.

I smile back at him and whine. “But I wanna have your babies.” I never whine!

He laughs softly. “I don’t think that that’s gonna happen.” His thumbs are massaging my temples.

“Maybe if we triiiiiied more.” God! What’s happening to me?

He looks quickly at his watch. I know that I’m making him nuts. “Babe, I gotta go. Come over to the clinic at twelve and we can go to the mall or someplace for lunch. We can neck in the car.” He kisses me quickly again and then takes off. I step out in the hallway in time to see him detour into the family room where he gives Jase a quick kiss goodbye. He sure has broad shoulders.

Jase comes hobbling down the hallway one pant leg on and the other one twisted and shoved back into his pants. “Dad, can you help me?”

I look down at him. “Yeah, where’s Barney when you need help with your pants?”


I want to just slam my head down onto the top of my desk, again and again and again! Jane isn’t talking to me. That ought to be a source of unbridled joy but in the office shit like that just ups the anxiety level. These bouts of silence usually run their course in about three days and this is day one. Geez!

I ask myself for the thousandth time why I don’t fire her. Well, she’s worked here forever and that ought to count for something. She REALLY knows her job and she probably does the work of two people. Besides, then I would have to do that work!

On top of the whole silence thing is the problem this causes with Ellen. That’s the “new girl” that Jane thinks is somehow stealing her thunder.

Charlie walks in from the warehouse and hands Ellen some papers. He shoves his hands into the pockets of his coveralls and rocks back and forth on his heels. I can’t hear what they’re saying but they both smile. Out of the corner of my eye I see lightning bolts coming out of Jane’s eyes. Oh dear God no! Oh shit! This is so sick! Well, that’s unfair. I mean if they knew what Pete and I do they’d probably think that that was sick. But my Lord, she actually wants him. I say a silent prayer for the poor bastard.

Finally I can’t stand it and call Rose. “Honey, you wouldn’t believe what I think that I’m watching.” Okay, so I’m no Mother Theresa. She didn’t gossip………..did she?

“Is it something dirty?”

“More sick dirty but yeah.”

Rose squeals with delight. “I love sick dirty! Who’s porkin who?”

I lean back and put my feet up on my desk. “I think that Jane is after Charlie.”

I wonder briefly if there’s anyplace at the mall where Pete and I could fuck. He’d never do that, at least I don’t think so. He’s so upright……………………upright and hard, hard as a rock. Where does that thing go? I take a ruler, while I’m talking to Rose and after making sure that nobodies looking, roughly measure nine inches from my butt up my body. Holy fuck! That dick ought to be hitting my lungs.

” Oh that poor slob! You think that he knows?”

“I don’t think so. He actually looks like he’s chatting up Ellen which is causing some major eye action from Jane.” Why do I even care about this? It’s none of my fucking business and even less any business of Rose’s.

“Well, speaking weirdo sex at the mall you can’t tell me that your young doc isn’t slipping it to you now.”

What is she, a fucking mind reader? “Rose, I didn’t mention the mall. The mall was not discussed at all.” I did just think that didn’t I? I didn’t actually ask if there was a place to fuck at the mall, did I?

“Sweetie, I saw you and your stud at the mall! You were trying on clothes, which you really really need by the way, and your hot doc was sitting with Jason on his lap, a very domestic scene.” She laughed obscenely. “I’d be sitting on his lap if I was thirty years younger. Well, maybe we better make that forty.”

I’m appalled! “Whadya mean that I really really need new clothes. I’m dressed in a suit and tie right as we speak!” Damn women! Guys never tell you how lousy you look!

“I know doll, you look just great at work. It’s when you’re just out wandering around. You look like a college kid that just rolled outta bed after an all night boozer. If this was forty years ago I’d say that you looked like a ragamuffin.”

“Rose, I’m not even sure that that’s an English word. You’re not adjusting your own medication are you?” She laughs her throaty, kinda barroom laugh again. “Besides, I’m kinda going for a casual elegance thing.”

She laughs so loudly that I have to hold the phone away from my ear. “Rose! Rose! Rose, that’s a very cruel laugh!” There must be some place on earth where there are only men.

She’s panting hard but beginning to catch her breath but still bursts out with sudden laughter. Finally she calms down. She sighs.

“So is this love or lust? Come on Eric, talk to me, you’re my last remaining link to sex!” Silence. “Well?” I’m still mad about the laughing.

“Love! I think, no, I’m sure that it’s love. Rose, how the fuck do you know? I thought it was love with Janet too. I wanna be with him all the time. I wanna be like a part of him, so close that you can’t tell that it’s two people.” Why am I telling ANYONE this? “It’s so much more than it was with Janet.”

Rose’s voice sounds sincere almost matronly, which she definitely is not. “Then don’t fuck it up! And remember, he’s a doctor, the good ones take that seriously. That means less time for you but you’re an asshole if you try to make him decide between his profession and you. With a doc you know going in that you’re number two. Any of this sinking in, Baby?”

I sigh. “Yeah, Rose, it is.”


We’re sitting in my car in the mall parking lot. Pete turns to me.

“Turn this way.” There’s a very slight smile in his voice.

I turn towards him and he reaches out and fixes my tie. I drop my head and rub my cheek against his hand. “Don’t tell me that I look like a slob even when I’m wearing a suit and tie.” It’s like there’s no hope. He lifts my chin with his hand and holds it, lightly.

“You don’t ever look like a slob. It’s just something that isn’t important to you.”

“That’s what a slob is!”

He’s still holding my face. “No it’s not! His fingers start to play in my hair. “The world’s full of people, guys, who think that they’ve got to look perfect. It feels so good to be with someone who thinks more about me than he does about the way that he’s dressed.” My God! I’m gonna get points for this?

“The way that you look turns me on. It was maybe the first thing about you that hit me that way.” He laughed. “That and I gotta tell you, you’ve got like the prettiest butt in the whole world.” He grinned and then laughed. “Really, Eric, in my line of work I see a lot of butts………… last year I did the exams for the high school football team and Babe I’m telling you, you got em beat.” I feel so proud………………and maybe a little cheap.

He leaned forward and kissed me so gently. He spoke in a whisper. “You’re also a very very handsome guy.” He kissed me again. “And you’re a very gentle guy” Kiss. “And you’ve got a great body.” Kiss. “And a really pretty dick.” Kiss. “And the worlds greatest little boy.” Kiss. See why I love him?

He pulls slowly away from me and then lifts my hand and kisses it. “Come on, Babe. We gotta eat. I’ve got non stop patients all afternoon.”

As we’re walking to the food court Pete says. “Did you ever buy Jase a stuffed bear? You know, a teddy bear.”

“I dunno. I can’t remember him ever having one. This whole bear thing came along a couple of years ago and he’s only five so there wasn’t much time but geez it seems like he must have had one. He’s got a couple of stuffed animals.”

Pete paid for our food and we walk to a table. “I looked in his room and didn’t see any sign of one. It’s the kinda thing a kid keeps.”

“Well, don’t you think that it’d scare him?”

“Not if it’s kinda goofy. I certainly wouldn’t want to give him anything too lifelike but something that’s kinda fantasy and funny. It might help him.” He smiled and looked down and then up again. “Just a thought.”

He takes a drink of soda and when he puts his glass back down I extend my index finger and touch the very tip of his, like a completed circuit. Sizzle!

I can see his breathing change in the way that his chest lifts and falls. He plays with the tip of my finger and speaks very softly while staring at my finger. “I wanna fuck you so bad!” He tilts his head and sighs. “I think about it all the time.” He rubs his forehead with his other hand. “It’s not the sex or a least not just the sex………….it’s you, it’s being connected to you.”


Pete was a little late getting home but when he finally did he dragged in with him this huge fucking stuffed bear. Not a real bear but a huge brilliantly emerald green stuffed animal with long soft hair and a goofy expression on its face.

Pete has barely made it through the door before Jase barrels into him wanting to be picked up but then he freezes.

He points at the bear. “Who does that belong to?” As if he didn’t know!

Pete bends down and scoops Jase up. “I bought him for you. You think that you wanna keep him? I can take him back if you don’t like him.” Jase is bending to the side and hanging down in a move that would make most Olympic gymnasts gasp.

Jase finally straightens up. “What is he?” Ah, panic or love?

Pete straightens Jase out in his arms and talks just a few inches from his face, very softly. “He’s a bear, Jase, but not a mean one and not one that hurts little boys. Actually I think that his job is pretty much taking care of little boys.” How could anyone look into Pete’s eyes and listen to that voice without doing exactly what he wants you to do. I did.

Jase wiggles himself down to the floor and walks over and touches the bear slowly. He turns and looks at us. “He’s really soft!” He giggles and doubles over in suppressed glee. The bear is taller than he is and the bear is sitting down. Why didn’t I think of this? Well, since Pete and I are like “engaged” I probably do get some credit for this and we did talk about it at lunch before Pete actually did it. That’s gotta count. How come he’s so nice and I’m this self-centered jerk? It’s probably Mom’s fault, not to mention all the other “women in my life” driving me fucking nuts today. Of course he is a doctor, so he’s supposed to be nice, it’s like part of the job.

Jase gives the bear a hug and then starts dragging him by his floppy emerald ear off to his room like some miniature cartoon caveman that’s just made a killing.

I call after him. “Jason Cortland!” Full name, a real attention getter.

He stops dead in his tracks and turns to look at me like I’m made of plutonium. “Jase, how about a little thanks here?”

He seems conflicted for a moment and then drops the bears ear and runs to Pete and stands in front of him with his hands entwined. “Thanks, Pete!”

Pete hunkers down in front of him and gently pulls his hands apart and lightly holds them in his own. “Whatcha gonna name him?”


“Yep, he’s your bear so you get to name him.”

Jason turned and looked at me and then turned back to Pete. “I dunno what to name him, Pete.”

“You don’t have to name him right away, Jase. Why don’t you take him to your bedroom and maybe you’ll think of something.

Jase turned and ran to his bear and finished hauling the big green creature to his bedroom.

Pete stood up and stretched. He tilted his head and smiled at me. I walked into his arms. I’m so fucking easy!

“It’s okay that I bought him the bear?” His mouth was next to my ear and the sound of his voice was creating a major disturbance in my body.

I pull his head down and kiss him slowly, visions of being slowly ravished by his hunky body dancing in my head. He lifts the back of my tee shirt and slides his hands down the back of my jeans.

He grunts and laughs. “Oh, Oh wow! Still no underwear!” His strong hands are kneading my butt.

“They’re time wasters.” I grind my crotch against his. I’m reminded of a log jamb. He’s already moved on to my neck right at the base. There’s a spot there that can drive me crazy. “Now we’re both standing here with hardon’s and we still have to eat dinner.”

“Dinner?” He says it like I just suggested that we hang from the ceiling by our thumbs.

“Yeah, we can’t do anything until, you know who, goes to bed so we might as well eat. Besides, you’re gonna need all the energy that you can lay your hands on.” I take him by the hand and pull him into the kitchen.

“This is one of Mom’s favorite dishes.” I push him to sit while I dish out salad and pour wine.

We’re eating our salads and I lift my foot and gently press it against his crotch on the other side of the table. He jumps, I smile. “That feels so big!”

He grins at me through a mouthful of salad. “You’re like on the verge of getting impaled on it on the top of this table.” I hear Jase running towards us and drop my foot just before he grabs Pete’s arm.

“I think I got a name for him.” Jase is climbing awkwardly onto Pete’s lap. Pete pulls him up and gets him situated. “I wanna call him Alan.”

Did I hear that right? “Alan? Where did ya get that name, Jase?” He looks at me. Who names a bear, Alan?

“I heard it on the television.” He turns and looks up at Pete. “Would that be a good name?”

Pete bends and kisses the side of Jase’s head. “It sounds perfect to me.”

Jase slides off of him. “That’s what I’m calling him then.” He takes off for his room.

Pete looks at me and smiles. “What is that little boy smell? All little kids have a kid smell but little girls smell different than little boys.”

I smile at him. “Actually my favorite smell is the horny adult male smell.”

Pete reaches over grabs my hand and pulls me up and kisses me. “That smell should be bowling you over about now.”


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